Choose from a delicious assortment of chocolatey treats.

Chocolate covered marshmallow pops

$1.00 each

Chocolate covered graham crackers

$2.00 each

Chocolate covered rice crispy treats with rainbow sprinkles

$1.00 each

Chocolate covered caramel Ritz cracker sandwich

$1.00 each

Chocolate covered popcorn

$3.00 bag

Crispy Patty

$1.00 each

Coconut Patty

$1.00 each

Chocolate golf clubs

$4.00 each

Chocolate hamburger

$2.00 each
   Deluxe Items

Chocolate Floral Bouquet

A delightful floral bouqet commended by an arrangement of chocolate treats.
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$3.00 (4/box)
Gourmet Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

A wonderful treat to enjoy! Each box contains 3 savory milk chocolate or dark chocolate covered marshmallows.
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